Medium Range Repeater


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Product Description

This repeater comes in two versions medium and large. It takes an existing signal from your route

and rebroadcasts it over a much greater distance. Please note I have included a USB to DC jack cable

but you will need to source your own USB power adapter.

• Extend the range of your Wi-Fi network

• Simple and compact design

• Improves the quality of the wireless signal in your home, garden or workshop

• Increases your wireless speed when you are far from the router

• Compatible with all 2.4 GHz wireless networks at 300 Mbps or below

• WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless security compatibility

• 4 dBi removable, dipole antennae and 11db1 fixed cantenna, (9.5dbi on small version)

• Easy to set up, just select your network and enter password

• 11dbi has a Beam Width of 30 degrees, 9.5dbi has 40 degrees